How many of us are working on each C?
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  • Caring, Sharing and The Glass Eater
    I had no intention of telling the story about the glass eater. Organically, that is where my lesson led. I was introducing the idea of Basquiat’s neo-expressionism. About how our life and our stories inspire our art. I was trying to communicate how my feelings about travel have evolved over the years, sharing how the quote from Kerouac’s, On The Road, summarizes my evolution be
  • Reflection
    Upon reflecting on the student feedback, I've noticed that I have really improved on my classroom management, as this was one of my goals from last year. I was surprised to see that students thoroughly enjoyed my music classes and were engaged in every activity.  It is comforting to know that I have built a positive rapport with my students as they have given me a good score
  • Survey Reflection
    The goal I set for myself this term was to focus on demonstrating care in my classroom to ensure that students felt valued, welcomed, and that they had a trusted adult in my class. As predicted, this was an area of growth for me, suggested by the TriPod survey results. When looking at the data more closely, it seems that for the majority of students, I do check in and demo
  • 7Cs Professional Growth Goal
    The goal I've decided to focus on is care. After doing the pre-goal survey, I recognize I have room for growth when it comes to demonstrating care, understanding, and sensitivity to students' needs and moods. Middle school students have a lot of change and development and need extra support from trusted adults. Unfortunately, I find that I sometimes, particularly in the mor
  • More Mandarin in the Mix
    I had a meeting today and we discussed the importance of universal screeners. Related to that work, I have been working to get a language screener translated into Mandarin that could work to screen our 3, 4, and 5 year olds as part of a universal screener since language is often the first way we see that children need support within our school. One of my lovely colleagues ha
  • Goal setting 19-20
    At the beginning of school year, I set my goal working on Captivate and Clarify. 7Cs Professional Growth Goal (to be completed after Professional Growth Self Reflection) Which of the 7Cs will you work on this year?  Why? Captivate: I chose to work on Curricular Support, especially on captivating and maintaining students’ interest in learning Chinese. We are in the pr
  • Professional Growth_Student Survey Time...
    11/5/2019 Well, the results are in and I've had time to review, consider, step back from and review again. It was incredibly valuable to consider the data and then walk away from it for a few days. Looking over the results for a second time, in a quiet place, I intentionally went looking for my strengths first because I think it's very easy as a teacher to begin by focusing on
  • 2019-2020 Goal: Care
    I believe I returned to ISB as a teacher a week prior to the 7Cs survey was conducted in classes during October 2019. The students hardly knew me, although I have a couple whom have shared with me that I have taught their siblings many years ago. I did not conduct the survey because I had just arrived and was in the midst of catching up with what was covered in my classes up to
  • Snap Word Practice!
    In KJV, KRK and KLV I have been working with strategic groups on snap word development. These are words that appear most frequently in books as they make up 80-90% of the words. If students know their snap words (sight words), they will be able to read with better automaticity. We are following a routine of: read it, make it, write it, use it, find it. I have conducted a pre
  • Professional Goal
    My professional goal is to align the adopted AASL standards with elementary curriculum to support and embed research for our youngest learners. I will be exploring the application of skills badging to help identify areas that could be personalised for the learner.