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  • Conferring
    One of my goals for art class is to have students truly making art of their own choice - not simply completing assignments that the teacher gives. This is one of the biggest weaknesses of modern primary art training imho, and one of the most important things that an artist needs to know how to do. I also think it is one of the most transferrable goals outside of art class, into
  • Goals Goals Goals... Take 2
    It turns out I really do want to do it all!  As I looked at the goal I set for myself, it seemed far to broad and unfocused... a noble, but gargantuan task.  It was also dry.  I want something meatier, something that gets me excited! I decided to stick with a goal within the Consolidation frame of Tripod's 7 C's.  This time, I really sat down and thought more deeply about no
  • Individual Goal-2019
    In completing the Reflection of 7cs, the two goals that were highlighted were: I generate multiple explanations in advance for potentially tricky concepts. I use a variety of methods and media to present and explain content and concepts. In discussion with my dual language partner, Christine we discovered that we had similar strengths in creativity and relationships. W
  • Decision Time
    From the self survey, it is clear that I have the biggest potential for growth in the area of Consolidate. My goal this year will be to make progress in the area of Consolidation. I will do this by focusing on 2 specific aspects of Consolidation: *Making explicit connections between lessons. *Summarizing big ideas at the end of lessons and review them periodically.
  • Extended Metaphors and Borrowe
    I love children's lit and so anytime I can bring in a favorite book of my girls to share with my students, I do it. I think about how I can model amazing writing for my students through these books that is accessible to them, but stretches them as writers. Today I read My Mouth is a Volcano, by Julia Cook. The students immediately picked up that the title was a metaphor,
  • My Professional Goal for 2019-
    Individual Goal: Which of the 7C's will you focus on? Why? Clarity and Challenge When I read the 7C’s framework, I found there are several things in those 2Cs inspire me and motivate my teaching for the coming week. Action Steps  Resources Needed  Evidence of Completion  Will be completed by:    1. Explain concepts using multiple media, includ
  • Individual goal
    For my individual goal I would like to link it to the team goal. I have spoken with my colleague and we would like to have the same/similar goal. The goal would relate to the setting up of the new Early Years Learning facility that will be opening in the next school year. As our team have been given the task of setting this environment up I would like to learn of best practi
  • No-Device Device Challenge
    To encourage people to stop using their phones and interact with each other instead, I created a game called Phone Escape. It was inspired by a game I played before called Unblock Me, where the goal of the game is to slide wooden blocks around in order to remove the red block from the puzzle. In my version of this game, players put their cellphones in a lockbox (blue), w
  • This year's C7 goal
    My role as an EAL teacher is make sure that EAL students access the grade level curriculum and reach the standards. I want to provide them with strategies and skills that will enable them to build confidence and become independent learners. Therefore, this year, my goal is to CLARIFY during whole class, strategy focused groups and individual intervention lessons by: ant
  • Goal for 2019-2020
    My goal for the 19-20 school year is to create more effective systems and routines to get students settled and working at the beginning of class. Ideally, I would like students to come into class, be familiar with a routine, and begin to self-engage with the content or activity. During that time, I can take attendance and then, depending on the unit and plans for the class, eit