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  • 6 Word Expression
    Challenge + Risk + Failure = life's only teachers
  • Final round
    Well I made it through this year. Not happy with the survey tool as it does not represent what I feel is important in my classroom, at least in the language that they are using for the survey. Also don't think my grade 12 students would respond in the same manner as my grade 10's. Much prefer the Hattie approach and making learning visible. Until August! t
  • Final survey
    Final results are in. Although all results were pleasing I was focussing on the challenge section during this school year. End of year results The challenge section gave me the most pleasure to see that the strategies I tried to implement had a positive impact on the students. [caption id="attachmen
  • Observations
    Throughout the year I had the pleasure of being observed to get some feedback but also observing my peers. Although time is a precious commodity I need to push myself to observe more of my colleagues next year. It is always reassuring to know I am doing the right thing by improving my teaching practice but also picking up tips when observations take place. [caption id="attac
  • Final Reflection
    Goal developed before first survey: Goal 1: Improve in the Tripod 7C area of “Confer” by better encouraging and valuing my students’ ideas and views in the science classroom and during mentoring time. Although my survey results were good for this initially, the three “confer” items did all increase on the spring survey so that 100% of students gave favorable responses.
  • Questions and Challenges.
    After finishing my final reflection piece and reading my student-generated comments it left me wondering if challenging the students to use critical thinking skills in PE is worth it. These are questions and Challenges that I have with using this approach (too Much) Questions Does it take too much time away from being physically active? Does it improve the perform
  • Survey reflection
    It has been rewarding to see that in the spring survey all of my 7Cs have increased. It still shows that Consolidate is the main area I should focus on, but it is great to see that the I received a higher total number compared to my fall report. I have worked hard to incorporate the content, language and cultural objectives in our lessons and refer to these in order to help the
  • End of year reflection
    So, what can I say about 7C's pilot program? I think it is a great idea. I most definitely want to do it again, as I can see the potential for reflection and self-improvement. I look forward to the upcoming improvements for support staff such as myself. I do not like that as a learning support teacher, that my survey results were tied to one class. I do not feel t
  • Reflection
    After my initial results from the start of the year, I tried to implement a few critical thinking skill approaches and challenge my students to use more questioning. One approach that we (PE Dept) have used this year is the games sense approach which put s students in a specific role within the unit such as coach, logistics manager etc and promotes teaching for Understanding
  • Final Feedback Round and Refle
    Recently the students that I serve completed their final feedback round. This year I found that getting true and valid feedback was a bit of a challenge. I completed the survey with the students that I support during pull-out classes, which is three in my EAL class and two in my Learning Support. I am lucky in that I am able to support them at such a higher level because the cl