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  • Attempt #2 at goals
    Back in September I was writing about my goals and this process. And somehow, everything crashed and I lost the post. I also lost some of my motivation. This process is not easy for me as I feel like the 7C's are not what I see as being the important thing in my classroom. Of course I care about my students, and I want them feeling safe in my classroom. But the survey is worded
  • Late for some very important dates
    I'm constantly late these days. It's not my usual practice, although my husband might tell you otherwise. Finding my groove these past few months has been tricky. Moving to a new country is hard work. My efforts are focused on the work of building a new home for my family and finding my way in a new school. On the home front, I have been late in the mornings, trying to figure o
  • So there's a lot happening that relate to my goal and I
  • My Cardboard Arcade Creation
    For my grade 6 Design class, I made a cardboard arcade game. Players try to navigate a marble into the doors at the far end of the game by tilting the entire game side to side without putting it into the two pits. If I did this again I would make several changes. First, I would change the shape of the cardboard piece where you place your marble to start. I would make it
  • Consolidate French Advanced
  • consolidate General Rules
  • Professional Growth Plan
    ISB Professional Goal:  Develop a wellness survey for Grade 6 students. The wellness survey will ask students questions regarding external pressures, bullying, coping skills, feelings about school, healthy relationships, and wellness indicators including sleep, nutrition and activity levels. The wellness survey will be administered to small groups of students (mentor groups)
  • Consolidate Spanish Intermediate
    SI 2SI goals   Students integrate and synthesize key ideas We review and summarize We connect ideas
  • Self-Reflection Prompt and Goal Setting
    As I self assess my practice using the refection prompt, two areas emerge that could use some re-tooling and re-thinking: conferring and captivating. Specifically, feedback from students about learning activities and seeking input from students regarding how learning activities should happen (confer); and creating assignments and assessments that sustain student interest (capti
  • 4+1 Domains Logo Design - Translanguaging
    One of Jose's goals for ISB is to be including translanguaging alongside the 4 domains (reading, writing, speaking, and listening).  Until recently, I had discounted the possibility of having the children understand what translanguaging meant, let alone have a well developed concept of how I was, or could, authentically integrate the practice into my classroom.  The more I