How many of us are working on each C?
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  • 7Cs Reflection
    To begin with, I am very excited to implement the 7Cs into my teaching practice at ISB. As a primary teacher, I am constantly seeking ways to encourage my students to share their voice and advocate for themselves. I love how this framework provides students and teachers the opportunity to reflect upon their classroom environment through the lens of the 7Cs, and I look forward t
  • 7Cs Reflection
    I make it a point to build a classroom community that thrives on trust - which involves positive relationships, encouraging a growth mindset, listening and respecting perspectives and suggestions.   This strand is one area that I need consistency in my daily practice - both virtually and in the classroom.
  • ISB Professional Growth Model- a Reflection
    ISB’s professional development model incorporates student agency and teacher improvement. It differs from the models I have had the privilege to work with. Unlike the ISB model, they were administrator driven, primarily aligned with school-wide principle goals. One model had space for a personal goal that put the needs of the teacher at the center.  Typically, the teacher used
  • Professional Growth Reflection
    ISB's professional growth model provides a meaningful framework that helps teachers grow while simultaneously creating a more positive learning environment for students. What professional growth models have you encountered in the past? How is ISB’s model similar to and different from these models? Most professional growth models I have previously encountered followed the
  • Professional Growth Reflection
    Encouraging one another and building each other comes to mind as I learn more about ISB’s vision, mission, and professional growth model.  I like that everything is anchored on a growth mindset – being open to learning and reflecting on the process of learning.  What excites me is that the students' voices are included in this process, which is empowering both students and teac
  • The 7Cs Framework
      One area that resonated as an opportunity for growth is CONSOLIDATE and in particular, asking the students to summarize their learning on a regular basis. Ironically, I feel that the distance learning model lead me to increasing this practice with the use of Flipgrid. Now I will need to make a concerted effort to continue this in face-to-face learning opportuniti
  • Reflection on the 7Cs
    As referenced in the prior reflection I am excited about utilizing the tripod framework of the 7Cs for my professional growth as I develop my teaching & learning practice of co-creating joyful and impactful holistic learning experiences with my students in the ES. This will be a productive new tool for me to explore and learn more about in real time! It is magnificent that
  • Reflection on ISB’s Professional Growth Model
    ISB’s professional growth model demonstrates to me an intentional teacher-driven culture of care for and commitment to a high quality of effective teaching and learning. It invites a dynamic set of shared practices that teacher leaders & thinkers can strive to implement, reflect upon and evolve with the goal of authentic service to the holistic growth of learners over time.
  • Reflection - Online Orientation
    What was your biggest ah-ha moment during this online orientation experience? Probably because I will be teaching in the elementary school, I think I had my biggest ah-ha moment when reading over the Curriculum Flipbook. After going over a few sections in the book, I had a much more thorough understanding of the agreements and beliefs that are shared among staffs, as well as t
  • Professional Growth
    My initial reaction is that I recognize how ISB's professional growth model reflects it's mission and vision. By allowing individual teachers to set their own goals it reflect's ISB vision of empowerment. Who better to identify what needs to be learned than the individual? It shows ISBs commitment to its mission by giving all teachers the freedom of choice to explore profes