How many of us are working on each C?
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  • Mid-Year update
    My experiences of eLearning   I followed the normal Chinese schedule to ‘Meet’ students from Monday, Feb 3. It’s a little bit hard but it was productive. My sharing as below: * A letter to students, also CC parents by Email before the first lesson, I mentioned eLearning, Chinese schedule; and attached e-copy materials. *Set task on DX, leave my phone number on
  • Week 8- The Journey Continues
    skye recorder bridge1 As I write this, I am beginning my eighth week of distance learning due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak and school closure.  Never did any of us expect to be in this situation nor for it to last this long.  At this point, we have no firm date of when we can re-open school on site in Beijing.  With new rules about quarantine procedures in Beijing it also
  • Backstories + New Learning
    One of the challenges to creating a unit chronicling our time of living through this historic pandemic was that we were already 4 weeks in. The big "reveal" if you would of e-learning, plans changing, and emotions high had already happened. We knew that what we all experienced prior to the beginning of the unit was important, but we also knew that we wanted to focus on the now
  • In a Land Far Far Away
    It seems as though everything is happening with "distance" some how involved these days: friends, family, students, colleagues, apartments, learning, resources, etc., etc. I am far from physically being in China or at ISB right now, but with students and colleagues there, I often loose track of just what day it is and have trouble going to bed at a reasonable time since I have
  • E-learning, Home-Schooling, Gates Closing
    I've waited a long time to write down my thoughts on what it has been like to go through e-learning, home schooling my two 8-year olds, and dealing with the stress involved of increased security measures around town. As we've been asking students to journal about their experiences so far, I have felt unable to do so. I'm not sure what has changed over the past few days, but I s
  • Reflections during Corona
    Well, obviously things have certainly changed and plans have been altered for the post Chinese New Year interventions.  The plan was: to do daily targetted sight word drills and intensive phonological awareness. small group or one-on-one multi-sensory drills targetting sight words - 1 minute drills for fluency/accuracy. small group pull-out phonological interventions
  • 4 Weeks in A Smattering of Images and 6-word Memoirs
    To launch our new unit, we wanted students to think about what they had been experiencing over the past four weeks. For most of us, we were excited about heading off to Chinese New Year break, anxious to go on holiday to visit family, sleep in, or travel to new places. I remember the smiles and energy on the last Wednesday of break. It was virtually impossible to get the studen
  • An Unexpected Opportunity: COVID-19
    I've been meaning to blog for quite some time throughout the past 5 weeks, but then when I sit down to do so, I have nothing to say. We are now 5 weeks into the COVID-19 epidemic in Beijing and 4 solid weeks of e-learning. At first, my team attempted to carry on with business as usual in the thinking that we would be back to school shortly; however, that has not proven to be th
  • mid-year update
    This blog is long overdue as I had trouble navigating back to the site where I can continue editing. Since the first survey, I have sought students' input to address my set goals, and acted according to suggestions raised by students. I have also since spoken to colleagues and Fred and discussed ways to reach those goals. In addition, I have read related articles to search for
  • Beginning of Week 3 eLearning
    Reflections on the 2nd week providing online lessons for our students and other considerations: The 4Cs At our leadership meeting last week, Clarissa had us look at a document about the most important Cs for this online learning platform and those are Care, Collaborate, Clarify, and Captivate. I want to praise my team for the outstanding care and collaboration they have