Personal Goals

Using Tripods 7C’s these are the two areas I am honing my focus on this year:

  • Captivate: I try to make my lessons relevant to students’ lives and the world outside of school.

This has always been important to me and something that I started last year with changes that we made to the Polymer Project. Making class content relevant to the students and connecting it as much as possible to their lives and the world outside of school helps students engage fully in class content.

As much as possible I want to link topics in class to current events and change projects or assessments to reflect this.

  • Clarify: Create timely feedback on where students are right now.

Giving students feedback after a summative assessment is often ignored. This year I want to focus on responding to formative checks faster and in a way that is easy to share with the students.


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  1. Hi Ashlea-

    Glad to see you are posting this year and you’ve chosen two important areas to focus upon. Did your survey data change or reinforce your areas of growth?


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