Reflection post after survey results

Based on the feedback received from the survey, there seem to be a few areas of improvement. I won’t lie, I am skeptical about some of the results. Yes, I am not a perfect teacher, nobody is, but I know certain things about myself and how I run my classroom and I was taken back from some of the low scores. For instance:

‘Everybody knows what they should be doing in this class,’ I received a low score for this question, but in every lesson, I explain things to such a degree that I nearly over explain them. I often write step-by-step instructions or checklists for the students to follow, but I scored low. What more can I do?

‘In our class, it is okay to stop trying,’ I scored low again, but at no point do I ever let my children stop. If you walked in and asked the students this question face-to-face, their answer would be different. The question that immediately follows is ‘When something is hard for someone, my teacher still makes them try.’ But, in this question I scored highly. These two questions contradict each other. Perhaps questions that are negatively worded confuse the children more.

The area I scored the lowest was Consolidate:

  • To help us remember, my teacher talks about things that we already learned – Low
  • My teacher takes the time to summarize what we learn each day – Low
  • In this class, we learn a lot almost every day – Low

The only one I agree with from the above-mentioned scores is the second one, my teacher takes time to summarize what we learn about each day. I agree. Maybe not sitting down at the end of each day and talking about what we learned but spending more time at the end of a lesson to review the lesson, vocabulary, things learned, next steps, etc, this is an area that I need to work on. So often we are jamming so much into a short timeframe, that the idea of letting the kids work independently for an extra 6 minutes seems better than pulling them together to have a conversation about what they were just doing.

As for the other two, once again, if this was a face-to-face conversation it would have been different. Perhaps next time I administer the survey differently. I know we were supposed to read each question out to the students, but we did a vote and all the students wanted to complete it themselves. Perhaps, I show the results to the students, show them my graph and explain the scores they gave me and see if it correlates with what they think or if they misunderstood the questions. Unsure if this is allowed.


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