I’ve been all over the map with choosing my goal this year. I hope that all of the time I’ve spent pondering will pay itself back with students making huge progress with their social and emotional learning. For many reasons, I’ve decided to focus on care this year. The results from the student survey showed that I was only average in this domain. I would like to excel in this area.

Focusing on care, will also allow me to work on fostering my students’ social and emotional learning.

I want to specifically focus on how my students resolve conflicts and how they talk to each other in these tense situations. With that in mind, I have already introduced the “I Message,” to my second grade students and I plan to also incorporate this into my lessons with my 4th graders.

My plan is to blog monthly starting at the end of November to document and reflect on what I’ve done in terms of social and emotional learning for my students.


U Turn

We are extremely fortunate to have José Medina working with us at ISB. It was his impending visit to our classroom/gym that compelled me to think further about dual language instruction.

With our LES classes, Leo and I are almost always co teaching and simultaneous dual language instruction. This year and in the foreseeable future, I am going to explore a few things:

*What is best practice for my monolingual students?

*How do I best support the dual language learners in Mr. Leo’s classes?

*How do we still manage maximum activity time with the possibility of doubling or at least increasing our instructional time significantly?

We have been teaching together for over a year. I feel like I personally have spent this time adjusting to the many new things at ISB with co teaching two classes of LES students being one of my biggest concerns. Just the other day, I realized that we are doing simultaneous dual language instruction with two classes of students. Normally, my class is a monolingual class and Leo’s is the dual language class.

Leo and I have talked about how he will teach the dual language students but we need to be constantly aware of all the students.

To be clear, I’m going to put on the back burner my Consolidation goal. I was going to formulate a goal regarding Dual Language instruction. After talking to various experts, I feel that I still have a lot of growth to make in this area but it is not an area that I will focus on for my second goal.

One more u-turn is about to happen.

I have seen how many of my students struggle with communication, especially when they are in a conflict. For my goal this year, I would like to focus on social and emotional learning. My first entry point or area of focus will be to model and fine tune my own “I Messages” to the students. After that, I would like to focus on teaching (or reinforcing) I Messages to my students.

Decision Time

From the self survey, it is clear that I have the biggest potential for growth in the area of Consolidate.

My goal this year will be to make progress in the area of Consolidation. I will do this by focusing on 2 specific aspects of Consolidation:

*Making explicit connections between lessons.

*Summarizing big ideas at the end of lessons and review them periodically.

In order to document my own progress with this goal, I will have a sheet on my clipboard and I will try to quickly jot down (yep with pen and paper) relevant progress with this goal.

With the help of guiding questions, I will have the students try to make connections between lessons and connect the lessons to their own lives. This will happen when a lesson is being introduced, at random times during a lesson when I can connect one on one with a student, and at the end of class when we are coming together before dismissal. I will try to focus on consolidation at least every other lesson.

I’m particularly excited about having the students make a connection with the social skills practiced in P.E. class to other situations inside and outside of the classroom.

I believe that our team (ES P.E.) goal will dovetail nicely with my individual goal. Here it is: “The Physical Education team will continue to work on formative assessment by providing students with explicit feedback and more opportunities for reflection.”

To be honest, I’m very curious as to the results of my first student survey. I’m hoping that those results will really guide me throughout the year.




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