As part of the process for setting 2019-2020 professional growth goals, teachers were asked to fill out a self-reflection survey.  In seven sections that align with the strands of the C7: care, confer, captivate, clarify, consolidate, challenge, classroom management, we were able to note our strengths and areas of growth.  Here’s what the form looks like:

Screenshot of reflection survey questions focused on the first strand of the C7: Care

While I question if my self-reflective responses will be the same as my student perceptions, I tentatively identified “clarify” as my focused strand for growth.  Ultimately, if students rate that the strongest for me, this might lead me to rethink my goal setting as other strands might demand more immediate focus.  Perhaps clarity is something I am just insecure about in my skills, and not an actual shortcoming as assessed by my talented learners.  I suppose I will have to wait on further data to find out, but scientific thinking requires slowly narrowing a focus and gathering evidence from multiple perspectives, so here I am at stage one.

For now, I would like to use more visual representations and diagrams to bring tough psychological concepts to life and plan this in advance, which will require me to think on and anticipate student questions and concerns before experiencing new content.  Maybe I can work on run-on sentences too…