2019-2020 Goal Setting

This year I plan to work on the following areas:


  • “My teacher wants us to use our thinking skills, not just memorize things.”
  • “My teacher makes us explain our answers – why we think what we think.”
  • “In this class, my teacher accepts nothing less than our full effort.”

Class Management

  • “Student behavior in this class makes the teacher angry.”
  • “Student behavior in this class is under control.”


  • “When s/he is teaching us, my teacher thinks we understand even when we don’t.”

These are the areas I can work on based on the Spring survey done last spring. Specifically, I need to involve more higher order thinking skills in my teaching, which helps students understand why the Chinese language works the way it does, instead of asking students to memorize. This is particularly important this year because all of my IB courses have new syllabi which focus on conceptual understanding: understand how Chinese works (context, purpose, meaning, audience, variation) in addition to the “what” part of the language (vocabulary & grammar).

I also need to teach students how to apply and transfer skills, so they can use the language in their life. In addition, I need to be firm about class rules and expectations, creating a safe and productive learning environment for all students. 


Welcome to your Professional Learning Blog! This is a place for you to post your goals, and reflect on them throughout the year.

  • Decide on your goal, perhaps in consultation with your colleagues or principal, and create a post to share with this online professional learning community that you are now a part of! Categorise this post in Goal Setting. Set your goal by considering:
    • Self assessment and reflection based on new teacher standards  (Tripod 7C’s)
    • Previous or new observation data from peers and principals
    • Student surveys (online surveys developed and aligned with 7C’s)
  • Identify colleagues, coaches, principals etc. that will play a supporting role in achieving your goal, and invite them to view and comment on your post. Encourage them to bookmark your blog and visit regularly.
  • Throughout the year, collect and share evidence to support your progress. Categorise these posts in Reflection.
  • Encourage your colleagues to share your learning journey by engaging with your blog. In return, engage with their blog (and others across the School)
  • You may also like to share work that your students have created or your own professional achievements that may not be directly related to your goal setting. This is encouraged! Categorise these posts as Showcase.

If you need support using this platform, please don’t hesitate to contact Ed Tech, we are always happy to be of assistance!

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