The Results Are In

With a new school year brings new focus.

As a third grade teacher, I want to have students that are curious about learning and self improvement but I think positive relationships with myself and classmates are equally important. After reviewing my 7 C results, I would like to focus on the areas of care and classroom management. I would like to focus on these areas because I feel like I put a lot of energy into it and yet I this area continues to be a struggle for me. I want to make sure my students know that I care about them and I want to feel confident. I also want to help my students understand the classroom routines and expectations so they feel comfortable and competent and are able to focus on learning.


Getting Started!!

I like the idea of planning for growth and thinking about getting better at my craft rather than being evaluated. It goes along with growth mindset, and that there isn’t really a finality to it, you just keep trying and experimenting.  My choice would be to focus on captivate and consolidate’ but it’s all in the survey. I enjoy working on curriculum; planning units and making learning interesting. I myself like learning and focusing on how to make topics more accessible and memorable to all students. 

 My students took the survey a little bit earlier in the weekIt was interesting to see them go through the questions and approach each part, lots of discussion and asking a lot of clarifying questions to figure out what was being asked. Predictions: My area of growth will be ‘caring’. I am trying to implement classroom routines and procedures. There is constant pushback and comments comparing this year to second gradeApparently I am a lot more strict or their memory has faded. An area of strength for me will be ‘confer’. I have tried to have class discussions about books we’ve read and topics we are studying – crickets! Even sharing their idea with a partner first doesn’t lead to more participation. They know that sharing ideas is a big part of third grade and that it is highly encouraged. If there is a specific answeras in maththey or more willing but sharing ideas and possibilities is a struggle. So this is something they already know about me.  

The results are in. My biggest surprise is that ‘care’ is one of my higher areas. I thought for sure it would be lower. I hear how much the kids talk but I guess that transfers to ‘caring’ which I do. I want them to be confident and successful. For that to happen they need to know what’s going on and what will happen next. A big surprise and area for improvement is ‘class management’! We constantly go over routines and what is expected. But looking at the questions, I get it. There is a lot of waiting for kids to catch up . and I can understand how they feel.   


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