Reflection on Goals

In general, the results were what I expected.  Generally, they were positive and I was glad to see that students felt that instruction was interesting and enjoyable.

From the results, I am planning on adding “Clarify” to my “Consolidate” goal.

One thing that was surprising was that 19% of students answered negatively to the question: ‘My teacher seems to know if something is bothering me.”  It makes me wonder if there was a specific incident that I missed or if the students feel this way all the time.

Initial Goals

Which of the 7Cs will you work on this year?  Why?   

 The main C that I want to work on for this year is “Consolidate”.  The reason why I want to focus on that is because I am fairly confident in the two C’s under Personal Support (Care and Confer) and I think that the two C’s under Academic Press (Challenge and Classroom Management) are built upon the three C’s of Curricular Support.  

Under the heading of “Curricular Support”, I think that sometimes I spend too much time on “Captivating” and “Clarifying”, but not on “Consolidating”, so that’s what I want to work on.


My goal for this year is to increase how often and how deeply I ask students to summarize and synthesize what they are learning.  

I think that in order to achieve this goal, I need to think about:

1) The different times/opportunities that I can ask students to summarize and synthesize (e.g. assessments, end of class, journals, class discussions, etc.)

2) The type of questions that will elicit reflective summaries and meaningful synthesizing of knowledge.

I want to work with my co-teachers in my Algebra 1 classes to help think about the first question, so that I can be more focused as I think about what type of questions to ask.



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