Based on student survey results, my weakest area is consolidating knowledge so my professional learning goal for the year will be to work more consolidation activities into my classroom practice.  I read the Tripod 7C activities, but I found it thin, so I did some more research and found the following:


  • Review and highlight what we’ve done at the end of the lesson
  • Activities where students summarize what they have learned
  • Questions about connections between previous lessons and the current one
  • Make explicit connections between lessons
  • Bring in prior learning into each lesson
  • Try to use a Know Want Learn chart in your lessons
  • Ask students to make connections to other lessons
  • Begin each class with a review of what we did last time, highlighting important concepts to the entire unit
  • Offer more guidance along the way
  • Research cognitive load theory
    • Choose some of these to add to your lessons regularly
  • Use Bloom’s Taxonomy Understanding and Applying action words in activities at the end of lessons.



There is a little more research to do, such as cognitive load theory, as well as a bit of refinement, such as choosing some of those activities linked, and developing activities that reflect Bloom’s.  Once some activities are designed, then it will be time to have them make a regular appearance in the classroom.  For the time being, however, I can make simple, verbal reviews at the end of each class.