Student as a learner

Although I have highlighted perseverance in class and spoken about it I wanted to formalize the process a little more and have something concrete to refer to. This lead me to use the student as a learner rubric (SAL) that we report on at the end of each reporting period. This process involves students having a one on one conversation with me and I get them to self reflect on their work habits, organizational skills and collaboration. We talk about why they award themselves that criterion and examples of how they can improve. This has proven successful. Within the rubric, there is a section about perseverance and I have been guiding students to refer to this section. This has definitely helped students think about it more.

Student as a learner rubric


  1. Having observed your reflection conversations with the students in action, I was really impressed with how articulate the students were with respect to their strengths/areas of growth as a learner. Great job!

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