Hi all

Here is my first post related to this years’ professional development work. I had some ideas of what I wanted to focus on in relation to my goals for this year but didn’t want to explicitly state them until I had completed the student survey so that it could be more student focused. Just like I did last year.


Survey results

The class I decided to survey this year were my grade 11 class which are the first cohort to go through the new mathematics AA IB curriculum. This class was chosen as I’m trying to implement deeper thinking skills into this class, more project work related to the toolkit, and for students to start to take ownership of their learning.

I’ve attached a snapshot of the results from the survey that give an overview. I will follow up with a later blog post analyzing the results in more detail. However, upon reviewing the results, the area I wish to focus on is the challenge section within the survey. This is consistent with the goal I set last year and obviously remains an area I need to target. My main goal for this year will be related to questioning. How can I improve this aspect of my practice? This is what I’ll try and figure out over the course of this year.

Comparison to last year

What is pleasing is that the scores are similar to last year even though a different grade was surveyed. Below you’ll find a collection of all of my results. Any excise to use excel.