Final goals for this year 2019/20

Here are my goals for this year.

Based on my self-reflection document, the feedback from the surveys from last year, the classes I am teaching this year and the feedback from my first survey my goals are the following:

  • Clarify – For my grade 11 IB Mathematics Analysis & Approaches (AA) SL classes I will make understanding the content of the new curriculum a main focus. 
  • Challenge – A continuation from last year. How can I improve my questioning skills in order to gauge student understanding? 


  1. Patrick Hurworth

    November 26, 2019 at 3:02 am

    Hi David – thanks for sharing these. Did you get to the point of sharing the results with your students? Not an expectation yet a strong message to them that the results are taken into consideration. Just a suggestion. What did you find different this year in comparison to last? Thanks for sharing these initial reflections.

  2. Hi Patrick

    I did share my results with them and also informed them of my goals this year. I suggested that they could also help me along the way by suggesting things to try or stuff that has worked for them in other classes. There are slight nuances with regards to my results from last year, which I’ve touched upon in the blog, but generally speaking they are fairly similar.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. David,

    Good to hear that you will be talking with the students to give them an overview of the feedback they gave you for the tripod survey.

    Don’t forget to classify your blog for which C so that other teachers can look in for ideas. Instructions link here:

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