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Analysis of survey results

As a first survey with this class I was reasonably happy with the results. There are some positives from the results but also areas for growth. Therefore, the survey shows that a good first impression of how I care for them to improve, to succeed and that my expectations are clear.

This class also gives me the freedom to try new things as it’s a new course for the IB and I am teaching both classes for this subject.

The 7C’s show strength in all areas which is pleasing but there are always ways to improve. As stated previously my goal this year is to work on my questioning and this comes directly from the feedback from this survey. This area falls within the challenge category.

Here is a breakdown of each section with my brief thoughts:


This section is good to see and that I am beginning to develop productive relationships with the students. However, I still need to work on developing those relationships with students that allow me to see whether something is bothering them.


I always try to develop a teaching practice that allows for open dialogue and it is nice to see that students feel comfortable enough in class to share their ideas.


It’s always nice to see that the amount of time I spend planning and working on delivering relevant learning opportunities is appreciated.


Language is always important when conveying concepts in mathematics and I have also introduced a vocabulary list that I try to get students to refer to in order to help them learn. Introducing them to the criteria early on may have also helped. However, there is one section about when I think the class understands the content and when they do not that requires some thought and can be linked to my questioning goal.


The last question gives me food for thought and, again, can link to my questioning goal.


Overall this is looking good but it’s the area I want to focus on. In particular question 4 is interesting feedback that I need to look over. Maybe I also need to challenge my students more with regards to the last question? However, I am trying to get students to take ownership of their own learning so that the transition to higher education will be smooth.

Class Management

This is a lovely class to teach and I hope I am consistent in the standards I expect to see in class so it is a little surprising the scores on the final two questions. Again, something to think about.

Goal setting update

Just to avoid confusion, my goal on how to teach perseverance would fall under the challenge category of the 7 C’s.

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