Post-Survey Goal Updates

In light of my survey results, I am going to add the secondary goal of “Care.” The average results from the Classroom Management (original goal) section of my survey were positive, however, these results were inflated by a higher-than-average score on one of the responses. Therefore, I am going to continue to focus my professional goal on that section of the 7Cs, while also adding an emphasis on the Care section.

Goal for 2019-2020

My goal for the 19-20 school year is to create more effective systems and routines to get students settled and working at the beginning of class. Ideally, I would like students to come into class, be familiar with a routine, and begin to self-engage with the content or activity. During that time, I can take attendance and then, depending on the unit and plans for the class, either allow the activity to continue or bring the class back together. I want to harness the energy that they bring into class rather than them coming into class and switching off before having to be re-engaged.

I have been transparent my classes and shared with them that this is my personal goal. I hope that this will help keep me accountable and also make them aware that class routines will begin to change. I felt this was important because I didn’t start the year with a clear and effective routine of starter activities. After the self-reflection activity and identifying this as my goal, I wanted to nip any bad habits in the bud and I felt that sharing my goal with the students was a way to do so.

I hope to use DX and/or have on-screen tasks for students to follow. That way, they know where to look find the starter activity for the day.

Goal Setting (September 2019)

After completing the Pre-Survey reflection, I have identified the 7C category of “Classroom Management” to focus on for my professional goal. My goal for 2019-2020 is:

To create systems and routines get students settled and working at the beginning of class.”

The goal is to have students engaged within a minute of class starting. Currently, I feel like the start of class is delayed by me taking attendance on PowerSchool with creates a void for students to disengage at the start of class. My goal is to develop the routine of having an activity or prompt to engage students at the start of class and take attendance while students are completing the activity or prompt.


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