After reviewing the 7 C’s and the reflection questions, I have determined that my goals for this school year will be to focus in the areas of Consolidate and Captivate. As a support teacher this can be tricky, as I support students within their classes. However, within my own pull-out classes I can see that improving these two areas would benefit my students and make this time with them more meaningful.

As I was looking through the reflection questions for Captivate, I found that there were some questions that I could not thoroughly respond to. I can see that I should develop lessons that more closely link to students’ lives outside of school. I think that this not only creates meaningful learning opportunities for students, but it also piques their interest in the lesson. Additionally, I find that I am not always consistent in my level of energy with my pull-out classes. This is important, as my level of energy affects my mannerisms throughout a lesson and I cannot captivate their attention if I am not consistent in this area.

With students that are in a pull-out class, they are often not too thrilled to be there. Furthermore, students that are struggling with grasping a concept will often try to avoid it. As a learning support teacher, it is vital that I find ways to inspire and captivate these students, whether I am in a push in or pull-out situation. I would like to challenge myself to find new ways to engage students and create interest in whatever lesson  is taking place.

“A Challenge to teachers: Don’t start on your curriculum until you are sure you know your kid’s strengths, issues, hopes and fears.”

– Ira Socol

Additionally, focusing on the area of Consolidating was of equal importance. My personal and professional passion lies in helping all students to find success in the classroom. I see this particular area as finding ways to support students as they find connections within the lesson and to their prior knowledge and learning. As a support teacher, I am in the unique position to have many one on one interactions with students throughout their learning. I truly enjoy this aspect of teaching and I want to become even better at creating ways to support them at a greater level to now only understand the information being presented but to make the lesson more personal and valuable for them.

” The essence of our work is taking vast swaths of information and helping our students make sense of it.”

– Jennifer Gonzalez @cultofpedagogy

I look forward to developing in these areas throughout this school year. My goal is to find strategies and approaches throughout to better captivate my students and to create meaningful connections between content and the student’s own prior experiences and understanding. It seems that these two areas can easily go hand in hand and as one developes the other will natural progress as well. Recently, I have really pondered the idea that we are no longer the deliverers of information. As teachers, we no longer have the market on new information. Students have access to any and all information that they need. My role as an educator is to help students to synthesize and make sense of this information. Not only that, but to create opportunities for students to draw on their own knowledge and understanding of the world to make the skills that we are teaching them meaningful. Ideally, I would acknowledge my students’ individual passions and interests and draw on these as we introduce new skills.