Recently the students that I serve completed their final feedback round. This year I found that getting true and valid feedback was a bit of a challenge. I completed the survey with the students that I support during pull-out classes, which is three in my EAL class and two in my Learning Support. I am lucky in that I am able to support them at such a higher level because the class are so small and intimate. For this reason, I believe that my scores within the 6 C’s were quite high and the feedback was mostly positive. I imagine that if I surveyed a larger population that my results would have been quite different.

Overall Responses


However there were two subgroups that I fell low in. Students described me low in the following statements:

“Teacher thinks we understand even when we don’t” and “We learn almost every day”.

This is really helpful because it tells me that I need to spend more time checking in with them even though we are a small group. I cannot assume that they understand and I should cultivate more discussion around what we are learning.

I really enjoyed this approach to teacher evaluation. I found it most helpful hearing directly from the students that I serve each day.