Captivate & Consolidate: Renewed Goals for 2019/20

As a learning support teacher, as well as, a language support teacher I am in a unique position as I serve students. I am able to really focus on their individual needs both academic and emotionally. I don’t have the added pressure of grading and developing curriculum to get them to particular benchmarks. Instead, I can focus on their particular learning needs as I help them achieve success in the classroom. Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware of the learning goals that they are facing in their academic classes, however the approach I take to help them along the way can look a lot different. I feel very blessed to be able to serve students in this capacity.

In looking over my self-reflection at the start of the year, I notice that I am less confident in my ability to Captivate my students during our time together and Consolidate in order to ensure that their learning is impactful and meaningful. I recognize that these goals are similar to the ones that I made last year, as I feel that these remain areas that I can improve in.

Within the Captivate section I want to focus on the following:

  1. Make my lessons relevant to students’ lives and the world outside of school.
  2. Design lessons that are more interactive.
  3. Design lessons that pique my students’ curiosity and engage them actively in inquiry.

Within the Consolidate section these are the areas that I would like to focus on:

  1. Make explicit connections between lessons.
  2. Help students make connections within and across the curriculum.
  3. Refer to relevant current events or other meaningful applications of what my students are learning to facilitate transfer of knowledge and skills.

While providing a space where my students can achieve at a pace that is comfortable to them, I must still ensure that the support that I provide and the lessons that I deliver are lasting and impactful. I do not want to create a space that allows them to hide or back away from challenges, but instead give them the confidence to face those challenges. Both, Captivate and Consolidate are curricular goals and although I am not the academic teacher, I still should ensure that I am developing my students as learners so they are prepared for success in their classes.

I want to teach my students to be confident learners regardless of their individual learning needs. I desire to cultivate in them perseverance to keep trying and not to give up. By the time my students leave my support class, I want them to see themselves as effectual learners knowing that if they keep trying they will progress.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thinking Destyni. Finding ways to spark and maintain student interest as well as finding time to consolidate learning can definitely be a challenge. I also look forward to reading the reflection on your student survey feedback. 🙂

  2. Hi Destyni- Thanks for sharing your thoughts and plans on your blog. Was there an adjustment to your goals based on the student survey data?

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