So when looking at the initial overview one can see that all the scores are relatively close to 300 which is the midline of the cohort. Also the average score in the middle is exactly the same as my previous. While some of the scores increased others decreased slightly.

On the upside in the Care category the overall score increased. But more importantly to me overall 2 of the 3 went from low to medium. More of the students enjoy the way they are learning in the class, students felt that I gave more useful feedback on their work, and felt that I asked them more questions in class.

My areas of strength were that I give helpful feedback, ask students to explain and generally my classroom management. While to lowlights were that I don’t understand how students feel, the students feel they lear a lot and that I have several ways to explain concepts. However for these the individual response for understanding how students feel was an overall better response than in the fall.

Given that I was trying to improve in clarifying it was useful and good to see that I improved in several areas. It seems that students feel that I better understand when they actually understand the material. I did drop a little on the multiple ways to explain however this might be because that the last several week we were working on a project and that might have been the freshest in their minds.

Fall Clarifying .                                                            Spring clarifying

Overall I feel happy that some areas that I was looking at improved and overall the student feedback improved.