This is really always the toughest part of the process… looking at student data.

I gave this survey to my class that I feel like I have a really good rapport with as I felt like they know me from last year and I might see different things than I did last year from the classes that I just met.  I think that I was really able to see some clear differences.

For starters the Care aspect was good and I think that was really because my students already know me better. It was a good as it was by the end of the year last year and so it reinforces to me that I am able to get to know my students and they have a good understanding of how it is that I show I care.

However, two areas I would like to work on are Clarify and Consolidate. Clarify was an area that I did ok with at the beginning of the year and showed growth in over the year. But for my grade 12’s there were some aspects that I can improve on and that is the clarification of ideas, especially having various ways to explain things. This will mean that I need to find some videos to go through to help me and the students. Possibly some diagrams for more difficult tasks and possibly some strategies to have them draw out the diagrams and work through with them. We have organic Chemistry coming up so this will be a great topic to trails some of these strategies.

Consolidation was something that I worked on with my Grade 10’s last year and I implemented various strategies into the classroom including a 5-minute summary write on the students OneNote, which I continued this year. I am not sure that will be the best so I will be looking for some ways to have them summarize or show understanding before they leave the class.

I also plan on discussing the results with them in terms of my areas that I wish to improve and gain some ideas from them on what they might like to do to help them consolidate their knowledge. Possibly a practice that can be a common practice in the class.