After reading the 7C’s over I felt like I had several areas that I wanted to improve upon. Where was I to start and what would have the most impact on my classroom. Caring, conferring, captivating, clarifying, consolidating, challenging and managing… there is always so many thing to take into consideration.

I began by thinking about the specific class that I would be doing the student feedback surveys with, my Science 10 class. This is a new course in that this will be the first year that we will be using the NGSS (Next generation Science Standards) and the curriculum is also new to me. It will be the first time in over 5 years that I would be teaching and integrated science course that requires me to teach Chemistry, Physics and Biology together in one course. A new curriculum, with new terminology, new standards and a new grading system, that is enough to think about!

But when I started to really try and look at what I thought would have the greatest impact and the area that I felt I really wanted to make sure that I was doing well in was clarifying. With all the new things that we are doing in this course and the fact that we are planning the new course as we teach it I really want to make sure that the concepts are clear.

Most of the students have completed the grade 9 integrated science course so they have a good background in the Claim-Evidence-Reasoning that we are using and they see this in several other classes. However, I do several new students and I want to make sure that I am not glossing over the details of this given that many of the students already know where to start. On top of that we are introducing the idea of a written lab report is new to students and I think it is important to give the students examples. Add on to that they still need to understand the content, I want to make sure that I am giving small formative tasks that allow me to quickly identify if students are having trouble with the content.

I feel like because we have been focusing on the larger pieces I have really forgotten to do that. I think it is the area that will have the greatest impact as hopefully I will be able to make sure that the students understand the content as we move through it and this should make the larger pieces easier for the students.

So thats it just those little things 🙂 But I’ll try and remember small steps.