Tripod Survey Reflection

Areas of strength 
-It was reassuring to see that this was high. I worked hard at the beginning of the year to collect information about student’s prior knowledge and scuffled the course so that students were adequately challenged.
Classroom Management 
  • This was one of my strongest areas but I was still surprised to see two students said that I get angry at the way some students behave in this class. I can’t even think of a time I was upset about a student’s behavior in this class so I am wondering what they were thinking when they responded to this question.
Areas for Growth 
I was not surprised to see that this was an area that I need to work on. It is harder to build relationships with high school students and showing them that you care can take some time. There are three main ideas I would like to focus on to help students see that I care.
First, I want to give students more opportunities to share their personal experiences, interests, and concerns. This is easy to do when all the students are working on projects because I can talk to them while they draw or paint. When they are researching or coming up with ideas, this is harder to do and I could do quick activities at the start of the class to get students to share. This is also much harder to do in my large IB class because there are so many content details to talk to students about and it sometimes is hard to talk to all of them in each class. If I also added in personal conversations, I should not be able to talk to many students.
Second, I should make look for changes in student’s behaviors and when I see that their behavior has changed, I should ask them about it. I sometimes do this but not all of the time. It might also be appropriate to step outside of the classroom with students to ask them these questions so they do not feel like everyone is listening.
Third, I feel I should be more mindful of the language and tone I use when I offer students encouragement or try to help them improve. This will be especially important when a student is doing something wrong. I feel that I often react to situations quickly and I should pause before reacting and consider the student’s motive and alternative explanations before responding.
My second area of focus is to consolidate. This was one of the areas I had selected from the beginning of the year and I will continue to work on consolidating information for students.

Draft Goal 2019-20

I would like to work on both consolidate and challenge this year. 

Consolidate was a goal area of mine last year but I worked on it in elementary school and it will look differently in High School. I have already started working on this this year. 

My goal is to make sure that I review material at the start and end of class as well as continue to make connections back to what has been taught in future lessons. 

I hope to adequately challenge the kids in my classes. I have been working on checking students understanding and getting their input in order to make sure that the content is challenging for them and also accessible and fun for them. 

My goal is to make sure that the content I deliver and the activities done in my classes to facilitate learning are challenging, accessible and fun for students. 

Reviewing Content Using New Examples

Another strategy I have used to review the content taught in the previous lesson is to introduce a new artist whose work shows the same concept taught in the past lesson. When introducing the artist using visuals or showing a video, students are asked questions to help them review the content from the previous lesson. This is a sample of when I introduced a new collage artist to helped review the idea of layering paper to create details in a collage.




Another way I have been reviewing content and checking for understanding is through EdPuzzle. I have been adding short videos to lessons to help teach content or review a topic we have previously talked about. EdPuzzle has allowed me to put questions in as we watch a video or at the end to check for understanding or review the content.


I have also been using Seesaw as a way for students to check students understanding.

Before students did this post, I had them talk to each other about the Diwali Festival and Rangoli Art, both things we studied in class. After reviewing together, we reviewed as a class. The last step was for them to record something they learn in a Seesaw post.

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