Reviewing Content Using New Examples

Another strategy I have used to review the content taught in the previous lesson is to introduce a new artist whose work shows the same concept taught in the past lesson. When introducing the artist using visuals or showing a video, students are asked questions to help them review the content from the previous lesson. This is a sample of when I introduced a new collage artist to helped review the idea of layering paper to create details in a collage.




Another way I have been reviewing content and checking for understanding is through EdPuzzle. I have been adding short videos to lessons to help teach content or review a topic we have previously talked about. EdPuzzle has allowed me to put questions in as we watch a video or at the end to check for understanding or review the content.


I have also been using Seesaw as a way for students to check students understanding.

Before students did this post, I had them talk to each other about the Diwali Festival and Rangoli Art, both things we studied in class. After reviewing together, we reviewed as a class. The last step was for them to record something they learn in a Seesaw post.


I have been checking for understanding using the COLOs. They have always been posted on the board for my classes but I have now been constantly talking about them at the beginning and end of each lesson. I think this has really helped me to focus the lessons and review more with students. If they are sharing work (last post), I often also use this time to make sure current or last content object is reviewed.

Students share their work

I selected a few artworks that students were working on that illustrated the content objective for the lesson. The students explained how they used imagery to show others their superpower and heroic character trait to the class. This was a good and quick way hear from different students about how the task links to the content of the lesson. In addition to summarizing the learning, this reflection activity helped clarify the content for students who still did not understand because it gave them a visual and a new explanation for the content.

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