C7 Second Reflection

I have worked helping my students consolidate their learning more consistently and more explicitly. A few things I have tried:

  • Introduced One Note with daily lesson plans inserted so that students can easily go back to see them. Some informal feedback from kids told me that posting in a DX stream was not easy for them. I could also make use of the DX modules at the same time so that resources are accessible on multiple fronts.
  • I have made use of explicit end of class routines. At the end of class, students have 5 minutes to write a small reflection of their learning. I’m planning to link these reflections more towards the content/language objectives very clearly after CNY. Right now it’s “What’s one thing you learned, what’s one thing you agree with, and what’s one thing you challenge or need to know more about?”
  • I have reviewed at the beginning of each class what happened last class so that students can easily refresh before starting the class.

I’m hoping the use of these mechanisms to explicitly consolidate learning will help students better show their learning in all assessments. More importantly, I’m hoping it builds their confidence in the class. I think many students felt like they were lacking confidence in knowing/understanding the direction of the class and learning outcomes.

C7 Initial Reflection

Changing goals:

-Originally I thought I needed to work on management, however, I think Consolidate will be more effective.

Looking at the data, I found a few surprising things. The feedback questions are a bit interesting. A few kids felt like their feedback didn’t help them improve or wasn’t helpful enough for them to take the next steps in their work. It’s different than what I expected as I have tried to make it a point to give kids the next steps. I’d like to check for understanding on the feedback given (especially for formatives). I was really pleased with how high ‘confer’ was. It was reassuring for me that I am building a classroom culture where kids feel heard and free to speak. Both clarify and confer were lower than the other areas of the C7, so I feel it would be best to work on them in a focused way. Firstly, I think clarify was low because of my own lack of clarity with some of the content or holes in content. This is an easy fix and actually, I expect this to be a lot higher the second time around. Consolidate was the lowest of my scores. I feel like I wasn’t shocked to see this. I did not have solid routines in my classroom at that point. I think I’ve started to build them since the survey and am looking forward to their effectiveness in student learning.


4 September- Goal Setting

7Cs Professional Growth Goal (to be completed after comp Professional Growth Self Reflection): 


With both grade 9 and 10  classes/ mentoring groups, my goal is to become more consistent with my classroom management strategies in regards to responding to conflict, create classroom routines to support more engagement, and feel confident in strategies to re-engage students. 



Which of the 7Cs will you work on this year?  Why?  


Classroom Management and Captivate. After reading the domain of “Classroom Management”, I feel like I could use more focus and understanding in that area. While I have some strategies for this,  upon reflection, I feel as if I’m not consistent day-to-day or situation-to-situation. I fear shaming kids or making them feel uncomfortable in my classroom, but when student-on-student conflict occurs, I tend to get punitive and do not approach the conflict in a productive manner. I also selected ‘captivate’ because that may solve some of my other problems of students getting off task or refusing to engage. If I think about my students who may be tougher to engage, I can make adjustments to how I teach so that all my students can experience as much learning as possible. 


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