Changing goals:

-Originally I thought I needed to work on management, however, I think Consolidate will be more effective.

Looking at the data, I found a few surprising things.┬áThe feedback questions are a bit interesting. A few kids felt like their feedback didn’t help them improve or wasn’t helpful enough for them to take the next steps in their work. It’s different than what I expected as I have tried to make it a point to give kids the next steps. I’d like to check for understanding on the feedback given (especially for formatives). I was really pleased with how high ‘confer’ was. It was reassuring for me that I am building a classroom culture where kids feel heard and free to speak. Both clarify and confer were lower than the other areas of the C7, so I feel it would be best to work on them in a focused way. Firstly, I think clarify was low because of my own lack of clarity with some of the content or holes in content. This is an easy fix and actually, I expect this to be a lot higher the second time around. Consolidate was the lowest of my scores. I feel like I wasn’t shocked to see this. I did not have solid routines in my classroom at that point. I think I’ve started to build them since the survey and am looking forward to their effectiveness in student learning.