I have worked helping my students consolidate their learning more consistently and more explicitly. A few things I have tried:

  • Introduced One Note with daily lesson plans inserted so that students can easily go back to see them. Some informal feedback from kids told me that posting in a DX stream was not easy for them. I could also make use of the DX modules at the same time so that resources are accessible on multiple fronts.
  • I have made use of explicit end of class routines. At the end of class, students have 5 minutes to write a small reflection of their learning. I’m planning to link these reflections more towards the content/language objectives very clearly after CNY. Right now it’s “What’s one thing you learned, what’s one thing you agree with, and what’s one thing you challenge or need to know more about?”
  • I have reviewed at the beginning of each class what happened last class so that students can easily refresh before starting the class.

I’m hoping the use of these mechanisms to explicitly consolidate learning will help students better show their learning in all assessments. More importantly, I’m hoping it builds their confidence in the class. I think many students felt like they were lacking confidence in knowing/understanding the direction of the class and learning outcomes.