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Consolidate …as well as ‘clarify’

On reflection of our student survey and December assessment results, I’m going to add ‘consolidate’ as a second goal to work on, in particular: “To help us remember, my teacher talks about things that we already learned”. Scopes and sequences, learning continuums and all those documents, meetings and reminders that tell us where we should be at each stage of the curriculum can sometimes mean I don’t give my students enough time to review their past – and impressive – learning. At the beginning and at the end of a lesson is a ‘convenient’ time to do this but is it better to seamlessly weave in past and present knowledge throughout the lessons in a week? Do the students have metacognition that they are ‘reviewing’ then? So the next time they answer they’ll answer ‘yes’ to that question in the survey?!

2019 wrap up as new decade dawns

I’ve been touched by the warmth and love of the kindergarteners, first and second graders towards us – their teachers. Even though I only see my students once every other day in the dual language program, a bond has been built and it was most striking these last couple of days when seeing them again after the winter break. Big eyed kids who are hoping for an opportunity to get you to themselves and tell you all about their holidays and share their memories. Although it is always hard to go back to school after a holiday, it’s more than bearable when met with such enthusiasm… as compared to a room full of adult computer gogglers staring at their screens of a large corporation! What opportunities will our students encounter in the next decade?


New year, new school, new goal – Clarify

CLARIFY is the Big C for me this year.

I will do this by creating and being more explicit in explaining the content objective and aligned language objective for teaching phonics and word study in the Dual-Language Enrichment teacher for K-2.

I hope that students will be able to say, read, understand and have success with the objectives.


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