I originally selected Consolidate as my area of growth for this school year.  While this is my 12th year of teaching, I continue to struggle with summarizing learning at the end of a lesson.  I get caught up conferring with students, answering questions, reviewing homework, etc. and forget the very important element of summarizing learning.  It turns out, that my student agree with me.  Consolidate was the area with my worst results:

Several students feel like I do not take the time to summarize what they’ve learned, and they are right. I’ve tried using timers to keep me on track, I keep a blackboard configuration with learning targets hoping that I’ll refer to them at the end of class, and I always intend to make a Google Slide for the end of class with a summary of learning, but somehow I always manage to miss that part of the lesson.

I’m hoping with this being my focus for professional growth, I’m able to find a practical way to ensure that I summarize learning at the end of each lesson.  I’m open to any suggestions!