My Professional Growth Goal for 2019-2020 school year are care and classroom management. As an educator, I believe that I have many strategies and ideas to teach students my content well. But too often, my mind was majorly focused on my content, I spent more time caring about students’ academic well-being not enough on their emotional well-being. This year I would like to spend time to show more interest in the extracurricular activities of my students and their home life. With our MS mentoring program, I hope I can apply what I learned in the program to more students.

Another big area I need to improve is classroom management. This one was my goal for last year and the years before. I normally establish my class expectations and routines for student behavior at the beginning of each school year but I have trouble adhere to the rules. In order to value students’ thoughts and ideas, and grasp teaching moments, I frequently lack time in class, so I put my focus on the content and did not respond appropriately and consistently to negative class behaviors. This year, I will work very hard to remind myself that “less is more” when I plan my lessons and spent more time on preventative strategies.