Updated Goals for 2019-2020

Originally, I wanted to work on my Classroom Management and Care. But after my meeting with Jon and saw the students’ survey result, I decided to work on Care (Major Goal) and Consolidate(Minor Goal). Attached is the image of my Tripod Report for 2019 Fall.

Detailed Survey Items for Care:

As came up during my meeting with Jon, this is an area that is really hard to improve as we only get limited time to see each student and we have many activities we plan to finish each class. However, I still want to work on this “C”. Maybe it will turn out to be disappointed at the end, at least I tried. Maybe the students just did not realize, but I know I made some difference in some students. There are some good reflection questions and sample strategies the Tripod Guide provides us and I am intent to use them to guide my practices. Reflection Questions -Sample Strategies (Care) 

In addition, on my exit ticket I will have a few questions ask students how they feel about the class of that day.


Detailed Survey Items for Consolidation:

As for this “C”, I will only focus on the first item. However, I want to manipulate it a little bit, the exit ticket already serves the purpose of students’ understanding of the current day’s lesson. So I will use this summarize (Think-Pair-Share) at the beginning of the class after as a bridge for students to connect the two classes’ concepts.

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  1. I admire your dedication to your students and your willingness to seek ways to show them care. Don’t be afraid to make this an open conversation with your students. They will also have good ideas for you. -Jon

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