The students in the class of my choice took their first Tripod Survey on the Oct. 19th and I analyzed the result soon after it came out carefully. Even though there are few survey questions doesn’t make any sense because of the wording, I was glad to see my students’ honest opinions on my teaching.  Based on my students’ survey result, I decided to change my initial goal which was focusing on “Consolidate” to “Classroom Management”-fostering an orderly, respectful, and on-task classroom behavior.

Among all the 7 Cs,  I only have one area- “Class Management”- is scored below 300.  This was a surprise for me. I have always been trying to create a safe class environment which encourages students to share their thinking and evaluate and critique others’ mathematical reasonings. Although some aspects of the class environment seem successful established based on the high score I got for “Confer”,  there are much more I need to improve. I especially need to think about how to improve the three subareas of “Class Management”:

#1: Student behavior in this class is under control

#2: Student behavior in this class is a problem

#5: Student behavior in this class makes the teacher angry

I  reflected on my own classroom management strategies and concluded that I was placing too much stress on the content and not enough attention on class norms such as getting permission before walk out their seats and raise hands to answer questions.  When the second trimester started, I shared my results with all my students and then took some actions to improve my classroom management.

  1. I showed students a portion of a video on class expectation to help them understand why class rules and expectations are necessary
  2. Put the posters of classroom rules and expectations in front of our classroom to remind students appropriate classroom behavior at all times
  3. Placed a basket that contains necessary stationary in each table group to reduce random movement during class
  4. Assigned a leader (the leadership rotates for each 8 day cycle) in each group to in charge of the group’s stationary basket and oversees their group members’ behavior