So my results for the second round of Tripod testing were unexpected.  My scores dropped in almost all categories, despite my attempts to focus on a few, not just Consolidate.  I was really surprised by this.  Especially in the Care section.  This is something I think I do well.   In the Consolidate section, I scored low on questioning, summarizing, and ‘learning a lot everyday’.  I’m wondering if they’d taken the test right after a Health unit, if my scores would have been better.

Some things I will work on next year to Consolidate better:

-More deliberate time spent doing what Mel calls ‘visible thinking routines’ (I think…  I notice… I wonder…)

-Checks for understanding throughout the lessons

-Exit tickets to summarize learning at the end of lessons.



Some Resources

Some Resources

These are some resources I found on the OPHEA website.  They are from OPHEA’s Inquiry Based Learning document.  I could use them to consolidate at the end of class.  (I haven’t actually used them yet…)

What I have been doing is pulling the students back together at the end of class to have a quick recap of what they’ve ‘learned’ that class.  I found this easier in a classroom setting (like during Health), but I have made an effort to summarize the learning objectives at the end of most lessons.  I’m hoping this helps the kids consolidate their learning at the end of the class.  I have also tried to do the same at the beginning of the lesson about the last lesson.  I’m really trying to get the kids to realize they actually learn things in PE.

Survey Reflection

I had set my goal for Classroom Management, but that was turned out to be one of my high scoring categories.

I will reset my goal for Consolidate.  I scored Average for the 3 questions, and I recognize that I don’t always do a great job of summarizing and consolidating student learning at the end of each lesson.  I was surprised that students thought I was ‘average’ or ‘medium’ for the question that said “In this class, we learn a lot almost every day”.  This tells me that I need to be more explicit about the learning targets for the day and then consolidating them at the end of the lesson.



Goal 2018-2019

My goal for this year is to adapt my classroom management skills to meet the needs of my current students.  I’ve chosen this particular class because it is my largest and has the widest range of abilities (physical, social/emotional, and academic).  I’m planning on using the results of the Tripod survey to guide me through this process.  I’ve chosen this goal because I feel like I’m struggling every class to maintain the attention of my students.  Despite using strategies that have worked in the past (having clear expectation, using squads to discussions, mixing the use of ability grouping, random group and peer grouping, and giving students leadership opportunities), I’m finding students are disengaged and disrespectful.


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