This year, I floated in and out of the Professional Growth pilot group.  I love the idea of public reflection and seeking feedback from the teachers (and anyone else who reads my reflections) I work with, but was often in other meetings during the times they met on Wednesdays.  However, I  wrote a few blogposts and gathered some feedback from some (9!) of the colleagues I worked with.

I sent out my survey to teachers after I worked with them.  I only sent it to each teacher once, rather than send it to teachers multiple times if I worked with them more times throughout the year as we first discussed at the beginning of the year.   I wish I was better about sharing this with my outside of school PLN.  I still struggle with writing on too many platforms and need to figure out how to better manage this in the future.

I agree with most of the responses, but wish that I could have gotten more feedback on the “approaching” area.  I would like to see what that/those teachers were thinking about this or how I could do better in these areas.

I’d be interested to see how this 7Cs for Coaches and Facilitators evolves next year. This year we created this prototype and I’m actually not sure how it went for everyone else. I think it is so important in our jobs that we seek feedback to improve.  There is a great culture at ISB for facilitating, co-teaching and relationships are everything for this to work.  I think the more we can work as a team of facilitators and coaches within our own PLN to share strategies, successes and struggles will be great for the whole school.