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When I originally decided on my focus for this years 7Cs I used last years data to inform my decision. I was a part of the Pilot Growth team. My final set of survey’s last year suggested to me that a key area for focus was CONSOLIDATE. Last year I chose to do my surveys with a Grade 5 class. As mentioned in earlier blogs I think it is important to make connections between what we are doing in class and our students real lives. If we can do this it can help to make the learning more meaningful. A focus for our team has been to use Content, Language and Cultural Objectives in order to ensure that our classes know what the focus for each lesson or unit is and then we can come back to this throughout the lesson to check for understanding.

Based on my recent survey results I have decided to change my focus to CHALLENGE. This school year I chose to survey my kindergarten class, this was a challenge in itself. We worked with the students to use the iPads to answer the questions, I am unsure about the level of understanding that took place.

I had been finding this class particularly challenging and I was eager to see areas of growth for myself from their point of view. I also think that if I continue to work with Renee (their homeroom teacher) and implement some of the behaviour management strategies she is using in the classroom in PE that will be beneficial to help me challenge my class.  Key things I want to work on based on the fall survey are:

  • Challenging students by having regular check ins with the students (e.g. high 5 wall)
  • Continuing to ensure all students are participating and trying their best¬† (what does this look, sound and feel like?)
  • Working with Renee to implement some of the behaviour management strategies she uses in the classroom in PE and see how she challenges individuals in the classroom.

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  1. Anonymous

    Josie, I think you do a good job of checking in, I have seen evidence of this. Might also be a matter of being both more intentional and pointing out to scholars that is what you’re doing and why. Especially with such younger scholars. Anyway, I look forward to getting together soon and hearing how this goal of yours is going. Keep up the great work! – BB

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