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7Cs update Fall Survey

When I originally decided on my focus for this years 7Cs I used last years data to inform my decision. I was a part of the Pilot Growth team. My final set of survey’s last year suggested to me that a key area for focus was CONSOLIDATE. Last year I chose to do my surveys with a Grade 5 class. As mentioned in earlier blogs I think it is important to make connections between what we are doing in class and our students real lives. If we can do this it can help to make the learning more meaningful. A focus for our team has been to use Content, Language and Cultural Objectives in order to ensure that our classes know what the focus for each lesson or unit is and then we can come back to this throughout the lesson to check for understanding.

Based on my recent survey results I have decided to change my focus to CHALLENGE. This school year I chose to survey my kindergarten class, this was a challenge in itself. We worked with the students to use the iPads to answer the questions, I am unsure about the level of understanding that took place.

I had been finding this class particularly challenging and I was eager to see areas of growth for myself from their point of view. I also think that if I continue to work with Renee (their homeroom teacher) and implement some of the behaviour management strategies she is using in the classroom in PE that will be beneficial to help me challenge my class.  Key things I want to work on based on the fall survey are:

  • Challenging students by having regular check ins with the students (e.g. high 5 wall)
  • Continuing to ensure all students are participating and trying their best  (what does this look, sound and feel like?)
  • Working with Renee to implement some of the behaviour management strategies she uses in the classroom in PE and see how she challenges individuals in the classroom.

7Cs Goal 2019/20

I was lucky enough to be involved in the professional growth pilot. One benefit of this is that I have survey results from last school year. Based on my survey results I have chosen to focus on CONSOLIDATE. Our philosophy in ESPE is about creating physically literate students who have a lifelong love for physical activity. In order to do this I think it is important that we create opportunities to help our students to make connections between what they are learning in PE and the real world. One effective way of consolidating information in class is reviewing and summarising content with students. As an ESPE team we have Content, Language and Cultural objectives for our lessons but often run out of time to revisit these throughout the lesson. This will be a focus for me, these are an excellent way to connect what is happening in class with their lives. I look forward to October when I get my first survey results and I can use the data to inform more goal setting.

Survey reflection

It has been rewarding to see that in the spring survey all of my 7Cs have increased. It still shows that Consolidate is the main area I should focus on, but it is great to see that the I received a higher total number compared to my fall report. I have worked hard to incorporate the content, language and cultural objectives in our lessons and refer to these in order to help the students have a focus. There is no point of having objectives if the students are unaware of what they are. Having these objectives is just one way of helping students to consolidate their learning. As I mentioned in an earlier post in ESPE the lessons are short and we want to get the students as active as possible for as long as possible. I still firmly believe this, I think that I need to continue to work on creative ways to ensure students are moving, the learning is meaningful and that they are able to consolidate what has been happening in their PE lessons.

Using Content, Language and Cultural Objectives to support learning in ESPE

The C6 training really helped me and my team to be more explicit with our teaching by ensuring that our students are aware of what we are trying to achieve each lesson. Too often the teacher knows what they are hoping to achieve each lesson but this is not shared with the class. Not only have I been working on having objectives visible in the gym/teaching space but also making sure these are in student friendly language and when I can in Chinese (thanks Leo!). Due to Consolidate being a focus for me I have been able to easily link back to these objectives throughout and at the end of the lesson so students can have more of an opportunity to reflect on what has been covered. We also learnt about the Cultural Objective at C6 and this has been a great as it can help to reinforce what we are learning in PE and how that can be used in real world scenarios.


After receiving my survey results I have decided to change the focus of my goal to CONSOLIDATE. On reflection I can see why this may be an area of growth for me as a teacher. In Physical Education I feel like I am conscious of utilizing as much time as possible to keep the students active. This in hindsight can sometimes come at the expense of a recap/review with the students to consolidate their learning.

Our team goal for ESPE is “Unpacking Physical Education standards through the lens of inquiry.” One of our action steps involves refining our Content and Language Objectives. I feel like this step can closely link to my personal goal. Having COLOs means we will have clear content and language goals for our students and therefore a clear focus for the lesson that we can come back throughout, at the end or at the start of the next lesson. 

Self Reflection

On reflection I have decided to focus on CAPTIVATE as an area for Professional Growth. I think that it is important that the skills and knowledge the students are learning in Physical Education can be transferred and made relevant to their lives.  I want to foster a love for Physical Activity and help students to be lifelong lovers of being active. One of the key indicators of an exemplary classroom is that “the teacher highlights ways that lessons can contribute to students’ lives.” If we can make these links students will be more likely to be engaged. I want to work on making explicit links in my lessons.

I am looking forward to seeing the results of my survey and seeing if I need to make any adjustments.



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