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After receiving my survey results I have decided to change the focus of my goal to CONSOLIDATE. On reflection I can see why this may be an area of growth for me as a teacher. In Physical Education I feel like I am conscious of utilizing as much time as possible to keep the students active. This in hindsight can sometimes come at the expense of a recap/review with the students to consolidate their learning.

Our team goal for ESPE is “Unpacking Physical Education standards through the lens of inquiry.” One of our action steps involves refining our Content and Language Objectives. I feel like this step can closely link to my personal goal. Having COLOs means we will have clear content and language goals for our students and therefore a clear focus for the lesson that we can come back throughout, at the end or at the start of the next lesson. 

Self Reflection

On reflection I have decided to focus on CAPTIVATE as an area for Professional Growth. I think that it is important that the skills and knowledge the students are learning in Physical Education can be transferred and made relevant to their lives.  I want to foster a love for Physical Activity and help students to be lifelong lovers of being active. One of the key indicators of an exemplary classroom is that “the teacher highlights ways that lessons can contribute to students’ lives.” If we can make these links students will be more likely to be engaged. I want to work on making explicit links in my lessons.

I am looking forward to seeing the results of my survey and seeing if I need to make any adjustments.


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