Reflection on Data

To be honest, I don’t really think the data is very valid. My students didn’t really understand the questions and the language wasn’t very Kindergarteners friendly. I explained “Maybe” as sometimes “yes” and sometimes “no”, which may influence the results as well. The Confer data really surprised me, as I believe I am a very good listener when it comes to listening to students. I always make sure that I bend down or kneel down at the same level as the students. I used some of the thinking routines to invested students’ thinking and understanding deeper. My care data is the highest. I am very happy to gain students to trust and have a good relationship with them. My confer data is the lowest and like I said previously that surprised me a lot. I guess what students are looking for is more on a one-on-one base, sharing their feelings, ideas and frustrations.

My goal is working on the Challenge and Consolidate. I would still like to keep the same goals by creating more dual-language supporting resources for my students, which help them with their learning. I will take more photos, videos and ask students to record their thinking and learning more often this month.

Combine Social Study with CLA

Making Thinking Visible

It was a great pleasure to study with Project Zero this summer. Although the course has finished, I would say that it is only a starting point for me. I definitely want to dive deeper and learn more about the different thinking routines. I am excited to see which thinking routines would work better with my Kindergarteners. My interested would also be how to use different routines to involve different learners to have a voice and gain their confidence with talking and express themselves. As I teach the two-way dual-language program, by using the thinking routines and making thinking visible would offer me a chance to see the effect of different cultures bring and find ways to integrate them in my class.

Here I have attached a few thinking routines I learned during the summer and the mind maps I drew. Can’t wait to try them out in my class!


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