Surprisingly, in direct contrast to my self-assessment at the start of the year, ‘captivate’ came out as my area of strength. My overall results are as follows:I have worked hard to build a relationship with the students and to inspire their learning and I am happy that this area has come out as a strength.

I am disheartened that my lowest area, by a significant margin, is the ‘care’ framework. I believed I had developed a strong rapport with the group, but this is clearly something I will need to address. The detailed results for the ‘care’ framework are below:

Looking in more detail, 35% of the class felt that I am unaware of when ‘something is bothering’ them. This is a shock to me and something I wish to address. I do feel, however, that this may be tied into my original observation that my work with EAL learners needs some development. Perhaps the EAL students in the class do not feel the same level of engagement as first-language students and this has shown itself under the care framework. Therefore, making improvements in the area of ‘care’ will become my new target. One way to address this will be through conferencing. By giving a little of my time to each student, both EAL and non-EAL students will be able to share their concerns and observations and, hopefully, will understand that they are valued and important in my classes. I may think about introducing a similar survey to this further down the line to see how my efforts in this area have been received.