September Goal Setting

It has been a couple of weeks into a new school and new students.  Some things are going well and others need attention.  I’ve got so many goals that I want to set for myself to improve, but for now it’s probably best to stick to just one – consolidating.


Completing the professional growth pre-survey reflection I realized that I need to develop more strategies to establish a routine to summarize big ideas at the end of all lessons and review them regularly.  This process made me reflect on the fact that whilst I am always aware of the big picture, I need to regularly and consistently make the link between specific content and class activities with the big ideas and aims of the course.  


I plan to research different ways that consolidation can become an explicit part of my ending of lessons and to trial these with my students.  I will reflect on the success of these and ask students for their feedback.



Welcome to your Professional Learning Blog! This is a place for you to post your goals, and reflect on them throughout the year.

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    • Student surveys (online surveys developed and aligned with 7C’s)
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