Updated Goal 2019-20

As the school year began, I felt great! I was loving my students, loving the curriculum and overall, just happy as could be. I didn’t know if that would translate into positive areas on the Tripod survey-nor were my efforts because of the survey; however, I was quite pleased when the survey results came out. As far as I’ve been told, “green is good” and there’s a lot of green in the flower below.



At first, I struggled with coming up with an area I really wanted to focus on. Truth be told, I was overwhelmed by what the next steps would be and what my final Tripod survey would reveal. It’s daunting to know that with a lot of green, there’s a lot that can happen to lose momentum and have things go south. This year has shaped up to be a crazy busy one (truly, are there ever any that aren’t?!). So, having a conversation with myself, I thought about what I truly feel is important that my students leave our time together having a strong experience in. I came down to “Challenge”. I selected this because I feel as if it is our job as educators to meet students, regardless of where they are, and truly provide a challenging environment. I want my students to know that I want them to push themselves, that I expect them to work hard and put forth their best effort. Last year, my Challenge category was high in all areas. So, I’m reflecting on why my students feel as if I do not challenge them at a high level. I’m still working on that, but I do know we had a very slow start to the year. I’m curious to hear how things go as more and more expectations and one-on-one conversations have been had with the students. Will they feel more challenged? Or, will this be something I’ll continue to work on in years to come?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your reflection and next steps for your goal this year. I get it, schools can be a crazy, busy place! Yet, it is so rewarding when we know we have supported and connected with our students. I look forward to supporting your growth journey this year. 🙂

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