The Results Are In!

We just received our results from the student survey and it indicates that my instinct to work on Consolidate was spot on.

The two specific questions that I need to work towards growing are:

  1. My teacher takes time to help us remember what we learn.
  2. My teacher takes the time to summarize what we learn each day.

Then under Challenge:

  1. My teacher makes us explain our answers — why we think what we think.

And under Confer:

  1. Students speak up and share their ideas about class work.

While these last two areas are under a different “C,” I do see connections between them and “Consolidate.” Both speak to needing to give students more time to respond to each other, and the experiences in class, and to think more deeply about their responses. These skills can easily be used to help students grasp the content and improve areas under “Consolidate”.

My role is to be more diligent in reinforcing the content and concepts. While I seem to live and breath the art curriculum, for many students, coming to art class anywhere from every 3 – 5 days simply isn’t enough to keep the information fresh in their minds. The results show that I need to check in not only periodically with EUs and EQs, but on a daily basis. Often, I feel rushed and want to allow for maximum art making time; however, it has become increasingly clear that I need be more intentional in setting aside even a small amount of time at the end of each class for a closing.

Individual Goal: Consolidation

I am really interested in creating more of a connection to the Big Idea or EUs and EQs of our units. Our visual arts units are quite long and involve various media, steps, and mini-lessons. I feel that it is easy to lose track of a unit’s Big Idea.

I have created two goals that will help us to refocus on the true purpose of this unit:

  1.  Increased focus on the EU and EQ. Refer to it at least every other class and how it connects to what we are doing.
  2.  Include a prompt based on the EU or EQ in the assessments. Currently, we are using rephrased standards as our writing prompts. Including the overarching idea will hopefully bring it all together for my students and they will understand all that we have done in a more comprehensive way.

I’m looking forward to it. More to come!


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