Well, it’s the start of another year and I’m taking the time to think about where I might focus my goals. Last year I was heavily invested in captivating learners through the use of iPad in the classroom. This year, my attention continues to focus on iPad technology, although now, as a tool for teachers in the classroom. With this said, I have secured iPads for interested teachers from middle and high school, and plan to work with them to build their skills around productivity, organisation, feedback and the creation of content. I hope to encourage, inspire and challenge participating teachers to think differently about their approach to teaching and learning while supporting them to explore what the iPad might offer.

What I like about challenge is that it tends to be a general focus for me through my current role as Ed Tech Facilitator. I aim to challenge the cycle of convention and design challenging, enriching, and innovative learning tasks to address the diverse interests and needs of students in the 21st Century.

With this said, my goals (at least at this early stage in the year) will be:

  • To develop and carry out a thoughtful and supportive training program for teachers, that opted to receive an iPad, which will challenge the more conventional approach to classroom instruction and feedback.
  • To challenge students to be creative in the way they share their learning by supporting them to develop their skill set and expose them to a variety of tools that are available to them.