7c Survey Results and Reflections

This week we received detailed feedback from our student surveys for each component of the 7c framework. I chose to administer the survey to a second grade classroom. My instinct to select Clarify as my primary professional learning goal was indeed correct as it identified as the most significant area I could improve as an educator. Consolidate (which was my secondary goal) was the second most significant area in which I can improve. It is reassuring to know that my “gut” instinct was indeed correct and that.

My initial plan for Clarify was to create dual language posters to help students relate knowledge and skills in their native language. After reviewing the specific survey questions addressed for Clarify I might consider changing my goal to address these topics. The survey results listed these two topics as areas for improvement…

In this class, we learn to correct our mistakes

When he/she is teaching us, my teacher asks us whether we understand.

For Consolidate the topics for improvement included…

To help us remember, my teacher talks about things that we already learned.

My teacher takes time to help us remember what we learn.

My Professional Goal for the 2019-2020 School Year


Upon completing the self-reflection portion of the 7C’s survey I selected Clarity for the focus of my professional goal this year. The self-reflection proved helpful to target which “C”  I wanted to direct my efforts, however, the C6 training (combined with classroom experience) brought to light an enormous need to ensure I am meeting the needs of the emergent bilingual students in my classroom.

While not a dual language teacher, I embrace the philosophy that we are all responsible for providing access to the content and language objectives that is accessible to our student population. As primarily a lower elementary music teacher many of my students either were part of the dual language program, still enrolled (PK4), or classify as emergent bilingual students. These first few months have been challenging (as with any transition) to learn as much as I could about my students, the educational structures and systems of ISB (primarily our dual language program), and the best practices I can employ as a music educator to see the unique needs of our students. 

From the Clarity framework I will target:

  1. Orderly structured explanations that promote emergent bilingual understandings
  2. Employ a variety of methods and media to present and explain content and concepts. 
  3. Check for understanding using a variety of formal and informal assessment strategies.

I also hope to employ strategies from the Consolidate framework, specifically:

  1. Summarize big ideas at the end of lessons and review them periodically.
  2. Ask students to summarize and synthesize what they are learning.




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