My goal is to improve in the Tripod 7C area of “Confer” by better encouraging and valuing my students’ ideas and views in the science classroom and during mentoring time.

Message to Students: “I invite, welcome, and respect your ideas and feedback.”

I want to work primarily on inviting students to share their ideas and opinions.

  • I try to do this, but usually in the large classroom group.
  • There are not often a diverse group of volunteers. It’s always the same few students.
  • I feel that I rush the sharing of ideas because I always feel like we need to move on to the next agenda item in order to “fit everything in”

I plan to:

  • Do more small group discussion-based activities. Students are more hesitant to share in a larger groups
  • Promote respectful peer interactions so that students are encouraged to have more “academic courage”.
  • Invite students to share views on how best to structure classroom activities
  • Incorporate more peer feedback on assessments

Link to resources for classroom strategies for promoting good discussion.

Remind Myself:  Slow down, stop talking, start listening


Image credits:
Vanessa Brantley Newton.
Shiloh Sophia McCloud.