It has been very interesting to analyze the data from the first round of the tripod survey that my students completed. They took the survey at the end of October, and will do so again at the end of the year. I’ve removed the actual scores, but posted the visual below because I like how the image demonstrates the different components of the survey.

While my initial goal this year is to work on improving in the area of “Confer”, my results indicate that I should also focus on certain areas within “Challenge”, “Classroom Management”.



As the image above shows, my lowest scores overall were in the area of challenge, and it is an area that that I can “build on”.  This was the only area in which I scored a “low” score, which was for the survey item “In this class, my teacher accepts nothing less than my full effort”.  I also got a “medium” score for “My teacher makes us explain our answers – why we think what we think”. 

I must admit that I’m surprised by these results, as I do try to push students to extend themselves and put forth their best effort.  I even have the sign below on my door :). In the next week or so, I will discuss with students and ask them to submit some anonymous feedback so that I can try to understand my scores on these two items a bit more.


While my overall scores in these categories were fine, I am concerned about the breakdown of survey items #1 & #3 below in particular.

#1: Student behavior in this class is under control.
#3: My classmates behave the way my teacher wants them to.

It is concerning to me that there are 3-5 students in the class who gave such a low rating on these items. It makes me think that my classroom management style, which effective for most students, is not making these 3-5 students feel comfortable. My goal with classroom management is to build strong rapport with students so that if behavior ever does become an issue, it is easy for me to get the class back on track quickly. However, the system is not working for a few students, so I would like to explore this a bit more. I’m not sure how yet, but I will think about this and develop a plan.


Once I have ruminated a bit more and discussed some of these results with students, I will develop more professional goals that stem from the survey results.