After receiving the results of my first tripod survey, I wanted to do further inquiry into the lowest scoring areas.

I gave my students a follow-up survey in both science classes, not only the one that did the survey. The goal of the follow-up was to solicit comment-based data that could help me improve in the areas that I identified on my previous post.

Please see the ThingLinks below for a summary of the student comments, grouped into themes. Click the (+) icons for actual examples of the comments.


The data from this secondary survey has led to an additional two goals for my school year:

Goal 2 (Challenge): Implement a better feedback system for self-directed lessons so that students feel both validated and motivated. I implement one-on-one brief check-ins with all students during longer multi-class projects.

Goal 3 (Classroom Management): Implement and follow through on a one-warning system for behavior issues in the classroom. These behaviors will focus on students talking when I am talking, and students who are off-task. This will require that I increase the amount that I currently circulate the classroom during student work time.