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After reading and reading through the 7C’s framework, I am planning on focusing on two C’s.

Captivate “I find ways to make lessons intellectually stimulating and relevant.”

I believe this would be a useful metric to assess the implementation of more ‘rich tasks’ and refine a ‘workshop model’ approach from both trainings through MSIS and Stanford’s YouCubed program that I will be continuing to implement into my math instruction this year.

I will be particularly interested in student feedback on:

  • I design lessons that are interactive.
  • I design lessons that pique my students’ curiosity and engage them actively in inquiry.

Challenge “I insist upon real understanding, not just memorization, and I will not let you give up, even when the work becomes difficult.”

A further goal that I would like to focus on this year will be around Challenge. I feel this may correlate and intertwine with my focus on Captivate and I will be particularly focused in student feedback around:

  • I engage students in thinking deeply about key ideas.
  • I set challenges that are at the appropriate level for each student’s growth.

Looking forward to another year of learning & trying new tasks, technology and classroom management techniques.


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