After doing the self-reflection sheet, I found out that I need to focus on Care, Confer, Captive, Clarify and Consolidate. There is one or two threads in each C that I need to work on better. These will make me a better teacher.
Here are the goals in each C:

Keep smiling:)

Care: I will make better use of the kelso’s corner in gym 4 to support students when they want to talk about issues they are facing not related to my class, or when they basically want to cool themselves down and have some individual time.

Confer: I will try to seek feedback from my students about the effectiveness of my learning activities. I think I rarely have done that. I will ask questions to check their understanding of the activities, but I’ve rarely tried to get feedback from them about whether they think the activities will help them learn effectively.

Captive: I will focus on differentiating the pacing of my lessons to accommodate the varying skill levels of my students. And I will also try to customize support for my students based on their specific learning needs.  This will be most beneficial for every student but meanwhile the most difficult goal to achieve, since there are about 40 students every lesson. I will work with my co-teacher to accommodate the levels of students.

Clarify: I will keep working on checking students’ understanding with various strategies, as well as ask students to explain their reasoning to reveal their points of confusion. I will try to develop more ways other than questions. 

Consolidate: I will keep working on debriefing about what we learned at the end of lessons and reviewing them periodically, by asking students. I used to do this quite often, but now since it’s always double class, sometimes it’s hard to debrief with the danger of losing their attention. But I should do this, because it’s beneficial for their learning.