I got high score on Confer which is gratified to see, coz I know I’m a good listener to kids.

The favourable answers to two negative peer support questions did remind me of keeping an eye on students peer relationships.

Third of the students voted that they were teased by classmates or some classmates teased others. There were times that happened during or after games, and I did talk about that. But apparently not enough. I need to focus more on how they interact with each other in classes, especially after a phone call from a mom saying that her kid was mocked by a girl who would turn into a good girl as soon as the teacher faced them.

I don’t want my PE lessons to become actions only but without emotional caring.

The other area that I need to focus on is that I need to ‘correct their mistakes in learning’, which I got low. Whenever I spot a problem in the game, I should pause the game and redirect or clarify or facilitate them to the better way to play in the game–either a good tactic that can be used or a correct technique of movement.

I do make the kids try their best in PE. It gets low but the actual response detail has no unfavourable answer. So, I will keep making students try their best.

For classroom management, I got a lot of maybe answers which shows that I need to more firm and more positive when managing the classroom.