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Observations from a school in Nanjing

Lani and I are going to collaborate on our posts, as our goal is the same.  It is helpful for us to brainstorm together.

Judy and Malu recently attended and presented at an Early Years conference in Nanjing.  During out HRT meeting, they showed us some of the pictures of the spaces at that particular school.  We all were inspired by them.  I specifically loved the outdoor space that they had.  Some of the space had parts that we had discussed for our new outdoor space for next school year, such as a tunnel under a grassy hilly area.  It was a very natural playground, with many options for gross motor skills, such as tree trunks for the stepping on, natural looking mud kitchens, and so much grass and trees!  The inside of the school was separated into areas with these wooden curved areas that were very open, but at the same time created a warm and creative space.  We discussed talking about the spaces and re-adjusting some of the plans potentially, to incorporate some new ideas in.

Revised Goal

Dustin and I had our beginning of year goals meeting, and I realized that I wasn’t too sure of my individual goal.  It wasn’t clear enough and we agreed that it didn’t have measurable enough goals to achieve.  These were some of the rough notes that Dustin helped me take during our discussion about my goal:

(using the standards for their learning journeys).  Direct application of learning.

Using learning experiences from team book studies and site visits to proactively plan for inquiry within the new learning spaces.

-New learning -inquiry areas -notes from site visits, processing workable document on the blog for spaces that are working (develop a work in progress)

Therefore, my revised goal will be:

Create a (work in progress document) to keep track of new learning spaces and inquiry areas.  I will use the learning from our EY team book studies and off site visits, to begin establishing spaces that work in our current and new facility.  These spaces, of course, are ever changing due to the children and whatever inquiry is happening at the time.

2019-20 Team and Individual Goals


Individual Goal:

-I would like to streamline my Team Goal and Individual Goal this school year. Although we are working on this as an EY team, I feel that much of what we are learning along the way will be applied directly in the individual classroom as well.  For example, when we chose the shorter version of our standards as a whole EY group, I will be directly using those throughout the school year.  For each chapter that we review of “The Power of Inquiry”, I can directly apply components of our discussions and take-aways in the classroom.

-From the 7 C’s, I would like to work on adding more visuals to my whole group lessons.

Strand: Clarify

I can explain in a variety of ways, and when you are confused, I will help you understand.

I provide orderly, structured explanations when introducing new ideas, including illustrative examples.


Team Goal PK4:

Review of EY Standards for EY3/EY4

In-depth study of Inquiry through Book study and school visits


This year is an interesting year, as we move spaces, and then move spaces again when the new facility opens.  We are reading Kath Murdoc’s, “The Power of Inquiry” and are doing an all EY book study, and are each in charge of facilitating chapters.  We, the EY team, are working together to shorten and clarify our standards.  Potential visits to schools in different countries will help support these areas of study and development.

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