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Reflections on Tripod Survey

After reading through the Tripod student survey results, it was good to know that the students’ perception of consolidation coincided with my own. This is definitely an area on which I need to work. My highest in the “unfavorable 2” category was 23% and was in summarizing the learning we do each day.

Some areas I need to improve in are:

  • knowing if something is bothering students
  • trying to understand how students feel about things
  • knowing when students don’t understand
  • explaining in a different way when students don’t understand
  • teaching students how to correct their mistakes
  • taking the time to summarize what we learn each day
  • expecting students to behave a certain way

Strategies I could use:

  • exit tickets to summarize our learning
  • periodic check-ins during class to assess understanding
  • trying different ways of explaining topics
  • more personal check-ins to see how students are feeling

My strengths are:

  • challenging the students
  • allowing students to share thoughts and ideas
  • making learning enjoyable
  • clarifying ideas

My C7 Goal

7Cs Professional Growth Goal:  Consolidate

  • Review and summarize lessons to help make learning coherent and memorable.

Which of the 7Cs will you work on this year?  Why?   

  •  Summarize big ideas at the end of lessons and review them periodically
  • Ask students to summarize and synthesize what they are learning

I think that I need to be better at reviewing big ideas throughout the year and helping the students do the same.

Action Steps:  Resources Needed  Evidence of Completion (deliverable showing completion of action step)  Will be completed by (date) 
Determine what the big ideas are computer Clear unit essential questions and essential understandings   9.27.19
Incorporate summary and synthesis in lesson plans lesson plans, unit plans lesson plans continuous
Have students produce summary and synthesis of learning paper Student summary of big ideas continuous

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