Goals Goals Goals… Take 2

It turns out I really do want to do it all!  As I looked at the goal I set for myself, it seemed far to broad and unfocused… a noble, but gargantuan task.  It was also dry.  I want something meatier, something that gets me excited!

I decided to stick with a goal within the Consolidation frame of Tripod’s 7 C’s.  This time, I really sat down and thought more deeply about not only what I want to achieve, but also what makes me excited in moving forward.  It turns out, I LOVE teaching Dual Language, especially because of all the collaborating I get to do!  I wanted to do more collaborating across the languages to help consolidate our students learning in the DL program.  I began to think about ways in which I can support children both within my classroom and into Judy’s Chinese room.

WE are working hard to set routines and expectations that convey to the children continuity and a sense of community.  We spend a great deal of time hashing out the nitty gritty so our children can move seamlessly between their two learning environments, comfortable in knowing the common expectations of the two.  However, we can do more to consolidate their learning across their growing linguistic repertoires.  In order to support the children’s cross-linguistic development, I would like to develop a number of resources which contain visual prompts, as well as both English and Chinese language so that they may be used commonly in both classrooms.

This also lends well to moving forward with the feedback I received from Jose Medina today concerning developing an area of the room which gives visual representation to the translanguaging and cross-linguistic connections children are making (Naomi C6 Observation_September 2019). This will be a likely collateral benefit of developing more resources bilingually!  Judy and I have already started discussing how we can make these connections for the children.  Our first step was to seek out some guidance and approval from Kendra  in order to move forward with the Emergent storybook unit for Reader’s Workshop.  We decided that it was best for our students to have books that were available in both languages.  This way, when the text is read repeatedly across days and lessons, children are more readily able to make linguistic connections.  We were so excited!  We even agreed on how we would display them and began our ordering immediately.

This goal sits better with me.  I feel more enthusiastic, excited, and connected to my goal than I did before.

Goal (round 2) – To develop cross-linguistic resources to support our DL learners (Consolidation)

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  1. Naomi,
    I appreciate your passion for implementing new learning and your passion for “creating.” Your logo in your other post is a great visual representation, and your deep thought about cross-linguistic connections is relevant, ongoing, and purposeful. I enjoy our conversations about translanguaging and seeing it in action in your DL classroom!

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